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Floral Friday: Beating the Heat

As July comes to a close in the garden, the flowers are still heavily blooming. The fruit and vegetable crops are continuing to bear. Here's a quick tour as to what is happening in the garden this week.

In the vegetable garden:

The "Blueberry" cherry tomatoes are coming along nicely.

Another detail shot of the cherry tomatoes.

This 'Pineapple" tomato is starting to change color.

In the front garden: 

The anemones are beginning to bloom. This is a favorite of the bumblebees.

The front walkway.

The phlox is standing up well to the heat and humidity this year.

The Kieffer pears are continuing to grow larger.

This summer has been good for hydrangea blossoms.
The daylilies continue their show.

The second variety of plums - Satsuma - is beginning to ripen.

Self-sown verbena bonariensis along the front walkway.

Breaking out the Petzval lens again to create a star bokeh.

And more star bokehs in this photo as well.

In the back garden:

The elderberries are beginning to bear. This is the York variety.

So happy to have brand new lights in the back garden!

New this year is balsam which I grew from seed. It's very tropical looking.

What's growing in your garden this week?

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