Floral Friday: Here come the daisies and daylilies

The garden is starting to bloom again after taking a brief break the last few weeks. The spring-blooming lovelies are finished and now the summer heat-loving flowers are starting their show! Here's a sampling of what's blooming this week!

The first daylily to bloom in the garden is the Early Bird Cardinal.
I love how it looks with this purple cleome in the background.
Following the first in show are these orange daylilies that were saved from my
grandfather's house in Queens. I love these.
Here's another daylily that is blooming now - but I lost its tag!

Shasta daisies out front.

My 'Becky' shasta daisies are taking over! I really love these flowers because they are long lasting.

Feverfew adding to the daisy look - even though it's not a daisy.

I am trialling some drought-tolerant Proven Winners this summer as part of a blog
project with my #gardenchat friends. Shown here is Ablazin' Purple Salvia,
Blue My Mind Evolvulus, Diamond Frost Euphorbia 'Inneuphidia', and Whirlwind
Blue Scaevola 'Scablhatis', along with a geranium and a Proven Winners Superbells
'Tequila Sunrise' I picked up at the store. Planted in the middle are gladiolus bulbs
that are still emerging. I can't wait for that "thriller" to show off this urn!

I am trialling some drought-tolerant Proven Winners this summer as part of a blog
project with my #gardenchat friends. Here is the other urn I have planted:
Ablazin' Tabasco Salvia, Mojave Portulaca 'Yellow' and Vermillionaire Cupea are
paired wth a geranium, a blush version of euphorbia and a geranium. This urn
also will have the gladiolus bulbs in the center.

Fairy garden underneath the fig tree.

This is another plant I am trialling for Proven Winners this summer, which
will be introduced for retail in 2017. Check out the hot pink with purple and
yellow center! This plant has been thriving in the heat in a hanging basket!
It is Superbells 'Hollywood Star' calibrachoa.

Who loves snap peas? I do, I do! Here is another photo of Pea Spring Blush Tendril.
It has been holding up so well in the heat!

The butterfly weed (asclepias tuberosa) has self-seeded throughout my garden and is now blooming. I love this one!

Here is Bush's Poppy Mallow, a plant that does well in dry conditions.
Looks like I will be getting my first crop of grapes this year! How exciting! 
What is growing in your garden now?

To see what was blooming and growing last week in my garden, click here


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