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March 7: Blooming and growing now

 In 2021, I am sharing weekly updates of what is growing and blooming in my garden. 

More snowdrops

 Last week the snowdrops were beginning to bloom in the front and back garden, and they are continuing into this week. There are a few in particular that look different than the others, but were part of a mix of bulbs I had planted in the past (so in other words, not a specific purchased variety). 

I'm interested in the coloring of this one. 

I attended the virtual Galanthus Gala (March 5-6) and learned that a way to grow snowdrops from seed is to pluck the flowers when they are finished and put them in a pot of soil. I'm going to give it a try this year (since starting by seed would yield interesting varieties and seems cheaper than purchasing more bulbs). Of course, this is dependent on whether they are pollinated or not. 

A patch of snowdrops growing in the back garden. 

What else is happening this week in the garden:

  • The hellebores are growing slowly and are still in bud.

  • The witch hazel seems to be close to the end of its bloom cycle.

  • Daffodils continue to grow.

  • The red twig dogwood is vibrant in the late afternoon sun. 

  • I scattered breadseed poppy seeds out front.

Hellebores in bud.

The red twig dogwood glows in the late afternoon sun.

I garden in Zone 6b. The average cold weather minimum temperature for my growing region is -5 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-20.6 to -17.8 degrees Celsius).

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