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March 14: Blooming and growing now

In 2021, I am sharing weekly updates of what is growing and blooming in my garden. 

Under the lights

 Back in late January I started violas and pansies from seed. The six pack on the right were sown when I created my YouTube video. About two weeks later, I sowed more seeds (the six pack on the left). Both are growing well under the grow lights, and I'm hopeful I'll have blooms by the end of the month. 

Also on the grow lights are my orchids, which are putting on quite the show this year. Here's a camera phone photo I took after watering them a few days ago. There are so many in bud and more flowers have opened since I took this photo.

Meanwhile, outside in the garden

The crocuses popped up overnight and began to bloom during the short stretch of 60 degree F weather. (Right now the wind is back and the temperatures have dropped, so the crocus blooms stayed closed today.)

And now the hellebores are also beginning to bloom. I need to remove last year's leaves this week so the photos look better.

Can't forget the snowdrops. (There's a definite white flower theme this week outside.)

What else is happening this week in the garden:

  • Daffodils continue to grow.

  • The plum trees are developing flower buds.

I garden in Zone 6b. The average cold weather minimum temperature for my growing region is -5 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-20.6 to -17.8 degrees Celsius).

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